Radon Mitigation Checklist

CENTENNIAL RADON SOLUTIONS, LLC has put together a checklist for consumers to aid in choosing a quality Radon Mitigation Professional to install a Radon Mitigation System that meets with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and guidelines. This checklist is not a comprehensive list of how a system should be installed or required qualifications for which should be present in a mitigator, but rather a tool for the consumer to evaluate proposals and make an informed decision when choosing a quality radon professional for the job. The list was designed to highlight minimal requirements necessary to insure a professional installation of your radon mitigation system that will protect you and your family from the dangers of radon gas. All of the items on the checklist are items which are recommended by the EPA and/or are items a mitigator should address.

Not all companies hold true to the highest standard of quality installations. This checklist has been designed to provide consumers with a tool to assist in making a choice that will insure an EPA approved quality installation.

We at Centennial Radon Solutions, LLC hope you find this a helpful tool.

Consumer Checklist for the Radon Mitigation Process

Use this consumer checklist as a way to insure an EPA approved Radon System is installed by a quality Radon Professional

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Is the Radon Professional National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) certified? (Please review copy of NEHA certification card)    
Does the Radon Professional have liability insurance? (Please review proof of insurance)    
If Radon Professional proposes doing electrical work, is he licensed and will he draw required permits? (Please review license and required permits)    
Will the Radon Professional provide a list of references? (Please call at least three references)    
Is the Radon Professional a member of the Better Business Bureau?    


Did the Radon Professional inspect the physical property?    
Did the Radon Professional provide a detailed explanation of what the system will look like and how it will work on your property? (Please review pictures of previously installed systems similar to the proposed system)    
Did the Radon Professional explain any "options" if they exist? (Such as location of the fan)    
Will the Radon Professional warranty his work? (Always get warranty in writing)    
Will the Radon Professional offer a guarantee on the range of post mitigation radon levels?    
Will the Radon Professional provide you with post mitigation short term tests?    
Will the Radon Professional provide you with a long term test? (Long term test to be deployed and measurement taken throughout a one year time span)    


Will the radon system have an indicator or warning device if the system fails?    
Will the Radon Professional caulk your basement if it us unfinished? (The EPA recommends caulking basement to ensure lowest possible radon levels and to prevent or minimize energy penalty)    
If electrical work is proposed, will the job be safe and professional? (Extension cords should never be used and direct plug in applications should be no more than 6 feet from fan unit per code)    
Will the Radon Professional seal the membrane to the foundation with a permanent adhesive in crawl space applications? (The EPA recommends sealing the membrane to ensure lowest possible radon levels and to keep from sucking conditioned air out of the house)    
Where will the radon mitigation system vent? (EPA recommends venting be done safe distance away from house openings at least 10 feet above ground level)    
Will the mitigation system be located in a place that is acceptable to you?    
Will the mitigation system have an electrical shut off?    
Will the fan be located in the attic, outside or garage? (A Radon fan should never be located inside the house)    


The total cost of the job, including all taxes and permit fees; how much, if any, is required for a deposit; and when payment is due in full    
The time needed to complete the work    
An agreement by the contractor to obtain necessary permits and follow required building codes    
A statement that the contractor carries liability insurance    
Details of any guarantee to reduce radon below a negotiated level    
Details of warranties or other optional features associated with the hardware components of the mitigation system    
A declaration stating whether any warranties or guarantees are transferrable if you sell your home    
A description of what the contractor expects the homeowner to do (e.g. make the work area accessible) before work begins    

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